BECOMe more than human

For Forest of Imagination festival 2023

Part workshop, part walk, part immersive installation

An experience curated and shaped by its participants.
inspired by local nature.

photo portrait of person with nature photo projected over them

There is a great artist among us. One whose innovation knows no bounds. She works at scales unimaginable, across infinite media – yet she is overlooked.

Nature is the greatest artist. She can become a collaborator, conversation partner and creative inspiration. Curiosity holds the key.

person with nature imagery projected onto their body

Nature Is The Greatest Artist took place over half a day around the iconic Assembly Rooms in Bath, UK.

Groups of participants were guided on a curiosity inducing photo walk, getting them to zoom into the micro details of different natural forms. Tree spirals, fractal ferns and luminous flowers. noticing the minute, usually overlooked details.

These photos were then projected over participants, creating a stunning portrait series celebrating our connection with the more than human world.

The aim was to reframe people’s proximity to local nature. From observer to the observed. From separated to intertwined.

“Channel Twelve always brings something playful and thought-provoking to life, valuing everyone’s creativity.”

Dr Penny hay – Director of House of Imagination