The route to creating Channel Twelve has been an adventure in itself.

It started in 2016 when Sam Furness set himself a challenge – in an effort to reconnect with his creative self and make better use of his spare time.

“Immerse myself in a different form of creativity each month – for a whole year”.

By making how others make. Doing as others do. 
Living how others live.

Over the course of that year, Sam began to notice something profound.

Not only was he living a more eclectic lifestyle - but inspiration for innovative, creative ideas were coming in more volume and more variety than ever before. The way he saw the world was changing.

The project quickly became a mindset.

At Channel Twelve, we believe creativity is an innate power we all share. Though manifesting differently in each of us, creativity is fluid – it fills the spaces we open up for it.

By actively channelling our creative focus in new ways, we open ourselves up to endless possibility: deeper connections with more people, navigating our surroundings with more purpose, living more mindfully, perceiving the world around us with a constantly renewed perspective.

Through our evolving series of Quests & Projects we want to enable people to widen the lens of their creativity and enjoy playful lifestyles that are illuminated by curiosity.

Let’s navigate a path less travelled.

Sam Furness Portrait

Channel Twelve is the brainchild of London based creative, Sam Furness.

I reconnected with my creative self by exploring the world in more curious ways. Now I want to enable others to do the same.

Forever unfinished, with evolution at heart.

Sam x

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