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the creative life practice of tuning your curiosity into different themes; in search of new ideas, pathways and ways of living.

Imagine what perspectives you might unlock if the whole month ahead of you was themed around: colour, storytelling or water?

Creative Quests take people on a journey of themed workshops, guest speaker talks, creative challenges and community exchange to get individuals to connect to new people, places and processes.

WE enable new ways of seeing.


In 2021, Creative Quests launched as a virtual experience, exploring what it would look like to bring people together around collective curiosities on month long Quests.

Since then, Channel Twelve has hosted 1200+ global Questers in 24 countries, exploring 12 different themes and bringing IRL Quest-related events to London and New York.

Creative Quests online meet up

Creative Quests is a life-enhancing ecosystem that informs peoples world views, keeps you creatively tuned-in and connects wonderful, curious souls all over the world.

in 2024 we are looking for partners to scale the reach and impact of our quests. we’d love to hear from you!


Ideas  & resources for living a life illuminated by creativity

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