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a concept developed by Channel Twelve founder Sam Furness that involves immersing yourself in a single theme over one calendar month.

For example, what sort of new perspectives might you unlock if the whole month ahead of you was themed around: colour, storytelling or water?

In 2016, Sam started Questing. What began as a spare-time experiment to stay connected to his creativity outside of his full-time job as a music manager, soon  evolved into a full-time way of being.
Sam is currently on Quest #27 and counting.

In 2021, Creative Quests launched as an online programme, following the same “new month, new theme” ethos Sam had been living by.


Since then, Channel Twelve has hosted 1200+ global Questers, exploring 11 different themes and bringing IRL Quest-related events to London and New York.

Creative Quests online meet up

Creative Quests is a life-enhancing process that informs our thinking, keeps us creatively tuned-in and connects us to wonderful, curious people all over the world.


Ideas  & resources for living a life illuminated by creativity

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