• We can host Excursion workshops wherever you are. Usually they begin and end in a place of work (if you have an office). If you are a remote team – we can look into host spaces for your time together or run it as an online experience.

• The middle section of the experience involves getting outside and seeking inspiration in the outside world guided by a series of prompts.

• We have held Excursions for as little as 10 people – as many as 60. The session will involve both solo and group work. They are perfect for team building.

2-4 hours is most effective. There are modular elements we can add and remove to suit your set up. 

Each Excursion follows a 3 part structure – guided by a theme.


Through prompted conversation and playful experiments we create meaningful connection between participants.


We lead you beyond your usual working environment unearthing inspiration, ideas and answers that are so often hidden in plain sight.


Guided by our framework and collective insights, each Excursion concludes with a co-created moment, shaped by all participants.

Theme examples:

  • A journey through world-building power of Storytelling.
  • A nature connection adventure exploring Rewilding.
  • A deep dive into the subversive world of Collage.


what's the format?

• A Quest usually takes place over One Month. An optimal amount of time to feel immersed in the experience and learn valuable lessons.

• Led by one of our Quest Guides, we piece together the following elements to suit your set-up;
  interactive workshops, collaborative tools and creative prompts in-between live sessions.

• An organisation looking to improve inspiration, wellbeing and connection.

• A team who want to learn innovative creative practices to increase their problem solving and idea generation abilities in conscious ways.

• A place-based collective bringing people together around a shared theme relevant to where they live.

• A mission based community galvanising their people and developing ideas for furthering their cause.

• A remote team looking for ways to create connection, shared purpose and have fun in online spaces beyond work.

We can take three routes:

  1. We work with key stakeholders to identify a theme for your Quest that will explores new ground while addressing your strategic objectives.
  2. Guide your Questers through a process of ‘Theme Dreaming’ where you collectively decide the theme for the Quest.
  3. Choose a Quest from our theme archive

A Quest is a scalable experience and therefore so is the cost attached.
We’ve designed Quests for groups as small as 10 and as big as 100 people.

Due to the modular nature of a Quest – it can be shaped to fit your needs in terms of format and budget.