A 5 week pay-as-you-feel tour of your creativity

The Quest Express is a 5 week pay-as-you-feel tour of your creativity. Each week you’ll be sent an email including a curated pack of challenges & resources to explore alongside a community of fellow Questers. At each stop on the Quest Express you will learn about a different pillar of the wider Creative Quests framework and be challenged to invite it into your life. 

What to expect

A curated navigation pack each week featuring innovative challenges & suggested reading / watching / listening relevant to the week’s focus.

Access to a community chat where you can connect with other people on the journey.

A guided 5 week email journey. 

Quest Express Weekly Topics

Week 1: Noticing - Becoming mindful of your surroundings.
Week 2: Imagining - Exploring different conceptual ideas & ways of being.
Week 3: Moving - Engaging your physical being.
Week 4: Making - Creating through artistic means.
Week 5: Returning - Connecting with the natural world.


💭   Ideas  & resources for living a life illuminated by creativity

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